IT systems. Development and support.

At Dynatech, we cover every stage of a software solutions development lifecycle. From needs analysis, solution proposal, implementation, functionality testing all the way to deployment, delivery, documentation, trainings, support and helpdesk maintenance under SLA.

Integration platforms. ESB.

We connect internal and external IT systems using a robust integration platform based on ESB. We enable our clients to evaluate their investments into each IT system and through their synergies we develop enterprise solutions with high added value.

Web and mobile applications. API.

We develop mobile or web application including supporting application interface (API) for your integration - mashup – with third parties. We assure the application meets the latest and up to date UX standards with scalable backend and responsive frontend.

Agile software development.

We believe in the agile software development for both start-up as well as enterprise solutions. The client can access the work-in-progress software product at any time, provide feedback and manage its direction, together with us.

Native cloud applications. Micro-services. Containers.

We subdivide the application we have developed for the cloud into individual systems – micro-services. Micro-services are further packaged into independent containers which are then deployed into private or public clouds. Additionally, we run an optimal number of instances in the cloud based on the agile and dynamic requests in real time.

Continuous integration. Continuous delivery.

We enriched our processes with consistent and reliable quality control and constant iteration testing for optimal delivery of our software solutions in the phases of both agile development and support. The automatically tested product is then deployed into the environment accessible by both the tester and the client.
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From the amount of available <strong>key technologies</strong>, we choose the most effective one for your project to assure delivery with the finest performance, speed and sustainability.

Native Cloud ApplicationsKubernetesDocker SwarmMicroservicesContainersOrchestrationIaaSPaaSSaaS

Career opportunities at Dynatech

We are constantly looking for prospective candidates for senior and junior positions on our projects to join our team.

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import { jsx } from "theme-ui"
import { Link } from "gatsby"

const footerLinksData = [
    name: `Kariera @ Dynatech`,
    link: `/kariera`,
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const FooterLinks = () => {
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export default FooterLinks

If you are fluent in some of our core technologies such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, .NET and the overarching modern frameworks, do not hasitate to <gatsbylink>contact us</gatsbylink>.

Our culture is young, dynamic and welcoming. We are a stable company with more than 20 year-long tradition and competitive reward schemes.

package api.internal.zapisdocsru.v1;

import engine.manager.Manager;
import engine.manager.ManagerImpl;

import javax.jws.WebService;

@WebService(serviceName = "AgendaZapisDoCSRU_service",
  targetNamespace = "",
  portName = "AgendaZapisDoCSRU_port",
  endpointInterface = "api.internal.zapisdocsru.v1.AgendaZapisDoCSRUPorttype")
public class AgendaZapisDoCSRUPorttypeImpl {

  public void zapisDoCSRU(ZapisDoCSRURequestType zapisDoCSRURequestMessage) {
    Manager mng = new ManagerImpl();

Our <strong>employee benefits</strong>:

  • Warm working environment
  • Flexible working hours
  • Home-office agreement
  • Choice of hardware (Win, Lin, Mac)
  • Regular sports activities with the team
  • Monthly team breakfast
  • Reneration-day and sick-day
  • Wedding and birth of a child bonus
  • Tickets for social and cultural activities (theatre, cinema, concerts)
class HomepagePresenter extends ContentPresenter
  public function renderHomepage()
    $yaml = $this->loadYamlContent('homepage.yaml');

    $this->template->carousel_items = $yaml["carousel_items"];
    $this->template->circles = $yaml["circles"];
    $this->template->featurettes = $yaml["featurettes"];

So, if you understand the code blocks above, you automatically <gatsbylink>advance</gatsbylink> to the next round of the interview! ;-)

The complete offer of job positions is on the website <gatsbylink>Career</gatsbylink>.

Contact us

If you would like to discuss potential future collaborations or request an offer, you can contact us via e-mail, phone or simply by filling out the form below. We will happily respond as soon as possible.

All contact options are on the page <gatsbylink>Contact</gatsbylink>.

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